Rate per 100 words
$1.15 €1.05 £0.95  Completion 72 hours and over
$1.70 €1.55  £1.40  Completion 48 hours
$2.30 €2.20 £1.90  Completion 24 hours

Copy Editing/Revision

Rate per page – approx 350-400 words per page
 $9.60  €9.20 £9.00  Completion 72 hours and over
 $13.00  €12.40 £12.00  Completion 48 hours

For larger documents a discounted page rate can be offered after the first 50 pages. Discounts cannot unfortunately be offered for 48 hour completion.


(Each 2-step tutorial)
 $41.00  €38.00  £35.00  Completion 7 days

For a more sustained or more urgent tutorial an individual arrangement can be made, which can include dialogue by telephone as well as by written text.

Please note that Edinburgh Editing does not offer an essay writing service. 


As an independent company Edinburgh Editing guarantees that the service clients receive will be totally confidential, reliable and efficient, and competitively priced.


The fee depends firstly on the level of service you choose from the options (left). However, the individual needs of your text will determine the final fee. Within each of the service options the amount of work required, the size of the text and the deadline will be taken into account. This will be explained in an initial assessment, which will also include the fee and proposed date for completion of the work. Should the agreed deadline be missed, for any reason, the fee will be discounted. Payment to Edinburgh Editing will be handled securely via a PayPal invoice.


Since the service involves no sub-contracted work your document will not be passed to any third party. Edinburgh Editing will not release your email address or other details to any third parties or mailing lists. Security: all incoming and outgoing mail is scanned. Payments are processed through Paypal secure servers. No cookies will be left on your computer by Edinburgh Editing. Edinburgh Editing reserves the right to decline any material which might be illegal, offensive or infringing copyright law.


Clients retain responsibility for the final form and use of their documents. Edinburgh Editing cannot accept liability for any loss, damage or injury resulting from any use of such documents. Making payment to Edinburgh Editing implies the client’s agreement to these terms and conditions. The agreement is covered by UK law.


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